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Your last art project in 100 words.

Horst Kiechle: Making the ‘Paper Torso’ available for self-assembly from A4 sheets of paper. Unusual subject matter, but fits my interest in high-end design technology to design objects that can be assembled easily from cheap materials. There seems to be a need for these kind of learning aids in (school) communities with not much cash but lots of time – and not only in developing countries. It draws on my expertise in approximating curved shapes through meshes of low polygon count. Producing accompanying instructions is a new challenge.



3 of the last things that have inspired you

Asian cities

Tetsuya’s cuisine

Fashion TV channel


3 things on your desk

Sorry, very boring: computer, mouse, mouse pad

+ other desk just as boring: cutting mat, scalpel, glue

3 things that you never get sick of

Aimless walks through big cities

Crusty bread

Wagner operas


3 designers who have fascinated you

Peter Eisenman

Bernard Cache / Objectile (picture)

Friedrich Kiesler

3 museum or gallery that everyone should visit

Don’t bother, supermarkets or department stores tell you more about a culture

3 things that you are looking forward to

Feedback on my Flickr uploads

Running the next (half)marathon

Going back to architectural projects

3 words that describe your work





3 blogs that you follow (picture)

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